Daily Overheard: April 17, 2013

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“When you show up and they know your name, it’s time to stop”

“Look at all the exciting things I’ve done with my life today”

“It looks about the same”

“I gave no fucks this morning”

“The problem with me living in Newport this summer would be that I would know literally nobody”

“I wanted, I, like, needed to puke”

“It’s perfect, the sun feels so nice right now”

“It’s just a simple question”

“I was hysterical”

“Yeah I thought there were no further changes to the script”

“It’s funny how when it gets warm out everyone just wants to lay in the sun”

“I think I’m allergic to it”

“Yeah that’s fine I don’t care”

“And they were searching cars”

“That’s so cute”

“This is what always happens to us”

“First of all, there’s people like right next to us”

“So she came to school wearing a brown shirt and black leggings and it looked like she was legit naked. You couldn’t tell the difference between her skin and her clothes”

“I’m no weatherman…”

“We made a deal last semester”

“I know a girl, she transferred in”

“One of my friends took a dream analyzing class and I wanna like ask her…”

“I can wear flip flops”

“That’s a real indication of how cool I am”

“I had another year of not doing shit, that’s fine, I might graduate a semester early”

“No we didn’t, they hooked up!”

“I hate walking around shade and not using your glasses”

“No I know I’m smart”


Daily Overheard: April 13, 2013

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“They probably didn’t realize they have four grandchildren who want the same thing”

“So I think I finally found some vitamins that can help me with my mouth”

“I just felt like I needed something more”

“No, no, no, I know, I’m just saying”

“Sometimes I like to draw a cheetah”

“Especially since his head’s been so big”

“But I wanna have sex with him”

“He’s kind of not a hard worker”