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It’s clear that WBUR excels at adapting the classic audio report into a full-blown, web-friendly multimedia piece that expands its audience greatly. The above images are screenshots of an article that again demonstrates the seamless embedding of an audio file into a multimedia story. This audio report features an interview with an author on the midday news program “Here & Now.” Considering that a midday radio program might not be highly popular, WBUR adapts the content of this audio report and makes it accessible for someone to read or listen online.

One of the best parts about the written portions is that it offers interview highlights. This is a really effective tool because readers might be more interested in scanning a short summary of an interview rather than listening to the fifteen minute interview. It pulls important topics and quotes from the interview that offer a quick insight into the main ideas of the interview so it allows readers to consume the information without committing a full fifteen minutes to listening to the audio interview.

This article also includes a pretty extensive excerpt from the book, authored by the guest, Larry Steinberg, who was interviewed on the radio program. This is a unique element to this article but I think it is a great addition to the multimedia piece because the interview draws attention to this book and might pique reader or listener interest in reading the book. Providing this book excerpt allows readers to get a taste of the book but it also creates the perception that WBUR has exclusive access/content, and it might keep readers on their page longer.

Overall, WBUR is a great example of a classic radio program adapting their ways and techniques to keep up with the everchanging face of journalism and media.

Each article is typically presented with a photo and a headline, which is very visually appealing. For the more complex subjects, the homepage includes the article’s headline, a photograph, a description, and a few links to related articles. Everything is very clickable and easy-to-access. On the right side of the page, there is a sidebar with information about the weather, the stocks, and a list of “Most Popular.” The way it’s laid out is almost like a blog. I’m not a huge fan of the bottom part of their homepage because it gets very wordy, but I imagine that not many people scroll to that point. It still looks clean and not cluttered.

As for their articles, most of them include some sort of audio report either at the top of the page or embedded in the article. Because WBUR is a radio station, their audio reports are usually done very well, and I’m impressed at how well-done their accompanying written articles and online presence is as a news organization.

WBUR also does a great job of finding the local angle on national and international stories. They are always covering important and relevant news. When you click the “News” tab at the top,  the page layout changes so that readers can see more information about particular articles.
WBUR excels at providing a plethora of different kinds of multimedia coverage. They have the advantage of high-quality audio reporting that is paired well with written and visual coverage. They don’t really branch out much from their typical story layout which usually includes an audio report, a photo and some embedded links, but occasionally there will be a slideshow or an interactive map. I think the simplicity is effective and very accessible for all kinds of readers.

News Track 6

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WBUR has proven itself to be a fantastic source of news of local and international interest by providing a diverse range of content and media. This article does not disappoint; in true WBUR fashion, the article includes two embedded audio reports, which are short in length and prove to be effective reporting. The written article is concise and informative, but the audio report provides additional information from an interview with an attorney, which provides an interesting perspective. The second audio report, also an interview with an attorney, is somewhat repetitive, and it could have been excluded. It doesn’t provide a whole lot of new information, but rather sounds like a slightly updated version of the first audio report. All that being said, the article could have gone without the second report, but it does not necessarily detract from the value of the article. It does, however, demonstrate that WBUR has plenty of content to offer to their readers.

The article has only two links embedded, both of which link to other WBUR articles related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and the trials that have followed. The article appears to have been updated, which makes the reader confident that they are getting the most up-to-date accurate information. The photograph at the top of the article is simple but impactful, and when clicked, it pops out onto a black background to give the viewer a better look. The written article does an effective job of explaining the court proceedings and giving important background information to give the reader a full sense of the situation.

Overall, WBUR’s coverage of the trial was simple, informative and effective. As always, they provide several different types of media so that readers can choose how to experience the story.

Interactive Blog Post


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Being a journalism student has its perks, but it comes with plenty of challenges. Each weekend is filled with constant activity, running from one location to the next, meeting people, making connections, finding stories, shooting photographs. It can sometimes feel like a constant blur, but when all is said and done, I wouldn’t have my college experience any other way.

My weekend began with a concert at the iconic House of Blues, located at 15 Lansdowne Street in Boston, MA. The concert coincided with the 7:10pm Red Sox-Yankees game, one of the last for shortstop and baseball icon Derek Jeter. The Fenway area was buzzing with life, movement and excitement as concert-goers and baseball fans mingled in the Lansdowne alleyway.

Friday night was just the beginning. The next morning, I had a scheduled shoot with Jamie Fehribach and Dilara Altuner, two female students who reside in the HER House, a cooperative residence on BU’s campus. Jamie and Dilara are just two of twenty-four women from all different backgrounds who live in the HER House and participate in its functioning by doing daily chores, periodically cooking meals for the entire house of residents and participating in house events. Jamie’s chore was to buy groceries for the week, so I hopped into a Zipcar with her and Dilara and headed to Somerville for a shopping trip (for 24 women!) to Market Basket in Somerville, MA.

Grocery shopping was just the beginning. After finishing my shoot in Somerville, I headed over to the Seaport World Trade Center where I met my friend Timothy Shivers to photograph at iFest, an Irish culture festival happening September 26-28. Timothy and I photographed a Riverdance master class, in which professional Riverdance performers taught children of all ages how to do Riverdance.

Lastly, my Saturday ended with an evening at my friend Carly’s apartment for her monthly gathering called “Folk Night.” It has been deemed a night of art, poetry, music and whatever you want it to be. The setting was comfortable and relaxed, and many of my friends (new and old) shared their musical or performing abilities with the group that gathered there.

On Sunday, we celebrated my roommate’s birthday by having brunch at her older sister’s apartment in Roxbury Crossing. That evening, “I Agree With Anthony,” an event sponsored by Cru at BU, was held in the CGS Jacob Sleeper Auditorium. Anthony Moccia, a BU student and goalie for the varsity hockey team, stood up in front of a crowd to share his thoughts, beliefs and his story.

Every weekend holds exciting and surprising adventures for every college student if they are willing to explore. Boston is an incredible city that holds countless fascinating stories and places for anyone to discover.

The red line indicates the path traveled on Saturday. The blue line indicates the path traveled on Sunday.