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WBUR has proven itself to be a fantastic source of news of local and international interest by providing a diverse range of content and media. This article does not disappoint; in true WBUR fashion, the article includes two embedded audio reports, which are short in length and prove to be effective reporting. The written article is concise and informative, but the audio report provides additional information from an interview with an attorney, which provides an interesting perspective. The second audio report, also an interview with an attorney, is somewhat repetitive, and it could have been excluded. It doesn’t provide a whole lot of new information, but rather sounds like a slightly updated version of the first audio report. All that being said, the article could have gone without the second report, but it does not necessarily detract from the value of the article. It does, however, demonstrate that WBUR has plenty of content to offer to their readers.

The article has only two links embedded, both of which link to other WBUR articles related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and the trials that have followed. The article appears to have been updated, which makes the reader confident that they are getting the most up-to-date accurate information. The photograph at the top of the article is simple but impactful, and when clicked, it pops out onto a black background to give the viewer a better look. The written article does an effective job of explaining the court proceedings and giving important background information to give the reader a full sense of the situation.

Overall, WBUR’s coverage of the trial was simple, informative and effective. As always, they provide several different types of media so that readers can choose how to experience the story.


Park Street Church’s Homeless Outreach Serves Boston’s Homeless

Park Street Church, one of the oldest churches in Boston, is located on the Boston Common, where a large homeless population takes up residence. Susan Lane, a former homeless woman and a member of Park Street Church, started Thursday Night Outreach (TNO), a weekly night of service and outreach to the homeless population residing near the church. TNO provides a warm meal, bagged sandwiches, and hot drinks, all at no cost for the recipients. Volunteers spend about two hours preparing the meal, then serve the food while interacting with the homeless men and women that attend. The night ends with gathering together to sing songs of praise. TNO happens every week, rain or shine, and it continues to make a positive impact on the homeless population in Boston.

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News Track 4

This is probably one of the best examples I’ve seen so far of integrated, convergence journalism. This article has so many multimedia elements that really invite the viewer to engage in the story.

First, the article is about a relevant, newsworthy issue (Ebola) with a fascinating angle that makes readers want to know more (why are scientists singing about it?) It also adds a local angle to the story about Ebola because it focuses on a scientist at Harvard.

I accessed the story by first clicking another Ebola story on their home page. On the top of the article, a bar appears, offering other articles to read.

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After accessing the story, I’m taken to, WBUR’s affiliate news source for health and medical news. It’s not truly another website, but rather a sub-section of the website.

After the headline, there is an audio report version of the story. The audio report pairs nicely with the story below, and includes sound clips of the song. Below the audio report is an embedded YouTube video of the song, written by Harvard computational biologist Pardis Sabeti, “that aims to honor those on the Ebola front lines and is also the theme song for a public education campaign in Nigeria.”

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The article includes embedded screen captures of different moments throughout the video, which is effective for people who might not be interested in watching the entire video.

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There are very few links in the article, which limits the amount of clutter in the article, so the focus remains on the feature side of this story.

I think that the way this story was presented was completely appropriate for the content. It’s relevant and would be easily connected to SEO terms. I appreciate the fresh, local angle on a grim subject. The video is a fun addition to the story, and the audio report is a great, effective way to communicate the information, especially because the singing lends itself well to an audio report.