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WBUR has proven itself to be a fantastic source of news of local and international interest by providing a diverse range of content and media. This article does not disappoint; in true WBUR fashion, the article includes two embedded audio reports, which are short in length and prove to be effective reporting. The written article is concise and informative, but the audio report provides additional information from an interview with an attorney, which provides an interesting perspective. The second audio report, also an interview with an attorney, is somewhat repetitive, and it could have been excluded. It doesn’t provide a whole lot of new information, but rather sounds like a slightly updated version of the first audio report. All that being said, the article could have gone without the second report, but it does not necessarily detract from the value of the article. It does, however, demonstrate that WBUR has plenty of content to offer to their readers.

The article has only two links embedded, both of which link to other WBUR articles related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and the trials that have followed. The article appears to have been updated, which makes the reader confident that they are getting the most up-to-date accurate information. The photograph at the top of the article is simple but impactful, and when clicked, it pops out onto a black background to give the viewer a better look. The written article does an effective job of explaining the court proceedings and giving important background information to give the reader a full sense of the situation.

Overall, WBUR’s coverage of the trial was simple, informative and effective. As always, they provide several different types of media so that readers can choose how to experience the story.


Proud to Be a Bostonian


Last night was a night of joy and celebration for the entire country but especially for the city of Boston.

After a long week of mourning and healing, searching and investigating, lots of fear and uncertainty, the suspect of the Boston Marathon bombings has been found and captured, alive but in serious condition. And after a long week of lockdown, the residents of Boston finally were released from their emotional and physical prison, flooding the streets in utter joy and celebration.

I am proud to say I was part of that group. The mob mentality was overwhelming – the words “We got him” made me want to scream and shout with joy and relief. I and several friends took to the streets of Boston, bursting with joy and so thankful for a chance to finally escape my dorm. We stood on the side of Commonwealth Avenue, waiting for the sounds of sirens to pass us so we could applaud them as they turned in after a long week’s work. We decided to walk toward Kenmore Square and we sought some place to be with people and unite in the victory. We heard chants of “USA” and “Boston Strong” coming from a small group of boys holding an American flag, parading grandly around Kenmore Square. Naturally, we decided to join them. And the movement grew. And grew. What started as about twelve people grew to thousands upon thousands of Bostonians, marching together to the Boston Common.

We walked the entire stretch of Commonwealth Avenue from Kenmore to the Common, chanting, cheering, singing and celebrating. Every time we saw a police car or officer, we cheered even louder. We wanted to honor those who so bravely had dedicate their lives to protecting us.

Once we reached the end of Commonwealth Avenue where it ends and the Common begins, we flooded the streets. Hundreds of college students and other Bostonians, cheering. We blocked traffic and surrounded a cop car that was in the street, assembling around it, cheering and chanting. Several people gave hugs and thanked the officers. One officer got out the car, beaming, tears in his eyes, so in awe of the Boston pride. And I was there, at the front of the crowd (see picture above, taken from the home page of the New York Times), cheering for the man who represented bravery, courage, honor and protection.

It was one of the most incredible moments I’ve had in Boston. I have never felt more connected to my city and its people. I am so proud to call Boston my home.

The Downfall of Our Social Media Obsession

The Downfall of Our Social Media Obsession

In light of current events (explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line, etc.), I have become incredibly aware of the power of social media in our lives, and honestly I am incredibly thankful for it. I am astounded at the way news can travel so quickly, the way people can unite over a hashtag or two and the power of images posted via Twitter.

However, the impact social media has had on our society isn’t all positive. It is an incredible tool for sharing information, but perhaps we aren’t all sharing the whole truth. This article is an excellent reminder of the role social media should play in our lives and a fresh perspective on the information shared on the Internet.

This isn’t another one of those articles that says “beware what you share” and warns of pedophiles and rapists. This instead examines the reality that our lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like aren’t exactly what our lives actually look like.