Days in DC



IMG_0170My dear friend Andrew, whom I go to school with at BU, came into town yesterday. We are both working at Ligonier Camp together this summer as counselors and we will be road tripping up to Ligonier, Pennsylvania in a few days. However, we had to spend some time in the glorious city that is DC before we left. I know just about as much about DC as Andrew did (he’s from Arizona and he’s never been to DC) so we were basically winging it. However, we started our day off right at the Eastern Market, a fantastic outdoor market with street vendors, crafts, food, and a flea market. It was a spectacular way to spend the hot, humid DC morning, and I was able to find some delightful goodies.






After leaving Eastern Market, we got a little turned around but found ourselves outside of Capitol Hill Books, an absolutely lovely used book store, packed to the brim with books of all kinds and operated by a darling elderly gentleman with a wonderful sarcastic attitude. Being in the store alone was an experience worth at least a day of browsing the shelves; however, I was able to escape with a cheap used copy of Life of Pi and we continued on our way into the heart of DC.






Again, in a twist of luck, we found ourselves face-to-face with the Capitol building, at the heart of DC. We enjoyed the shade and took in the view, where so much (or so little?) in our government happens.



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